"I reviewed the segment earlier today and am impressed. I really enjoyed the experience of filming with Dr Drew. This whole experience has in so many ways been because of you. The first five minutes of your masterful work certainly set the stage for the filming."

Linda Smith, CEO

Shared Hope International
"Our team enjoyed the time with all of you at the studio. Thank you for the hospitality and making everyone feel at ease."

"I am EXCELLENT especially after seeing the segment. Wow!"

Cherie Dupor, SVP of Communications

Senior Lifestyle
"We've received amazing feedback on our end."

Alyson Buck

"Just wanted to reach out to express how impressed I was with your entire team and with your leadership."

Matt Lucas

Disney Award Winning Writer & Director
"Wow. You are such a great professional and you were simply outstanding working with our customer in a “dynamic” environment. I am very grateful for what you did and more so for how you did it." Thank you so much for being so gracious and effective. Much appreciation."

"❤️❤️❤️ Just saw the segment. You guys are THE BEST!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for doing such a great job."

"We are blown away with how professional and buttoned up you are. This was a great experience for us and the segment is fantastic. Thank you so much!!"

Jon Zimmerman , CEO &
Kathy Varney, Chief Marketing Officer

Holon Solutions
"It was wonderful seeing you and I had the best time. Thank you for trusting me to represent the College. I would love any opportunity to collaborate in the future!"

Alex Morris-Wood, Vice President of Program Development & Global Partnerships, Dean of Admissions & The Center for College Readiness

Beacon College
"Working with Dr. Drew, and the entire team was a great experience! I came to the studio now knowing what to expect, feeling very nervous. Everyone there was very kind and gracious and put me at ease. By the end of it, I felt like one of you! Thank you for this!"

Elena Sturman, President and CEO

The Glaucoma Foundation