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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky, known to television and radio audiences as Dr. Drew, is the host of a variety of popular podcasts including the iTunes top-rated Dr. Drew Podcast, Dr. Drew After Dark, The Adam and Drew Show co-hosted by Adam Carolla and a live streaming show called #AskDrDrew where he answers audience questions in real time. In addition, Dr. Drew hosts the hit MTV reality television series Teen Mom OG (Formerly known as “Teen Mom”), Teen Mom 2 reunion specials and is a regular guest co-host on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show. He is also a frequent guest on Gutfeld! and a contributor to major news outlets.

    For several years, Dr. Drew hosted Dr. Drew Midday Live on KABC radio in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In addition, he hosted his own nightly show on HLN, Dr. Drew on Call (2010-2015,) where he attracted audiences and explored what makes people do what they do. Dr. Drew starred in the hit reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1 which chronicled the struggle for sobriety and the cycle of addictive disorders of a group of celebrities. The sixth installment of the series Rehab with Dr. Drew followed the real-life experiences of everyday people who are struggling with addiction. Additionally, Dr. Drew hosted the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline where he took calls from listeners and answered questions about adolescent and young adults health and relationship topics for over 32 years. Loveline was a nightly television show on MTV from 1996 – 2000.

    Dr. Drew has also appeared in several feature films.

  • Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew. is an innovative, informative and entertaining new National Television Series. Dr. Drew Pinsky introduces us to the most important ideas in the new era of health and medicine. From the latest medical breakthroughs to simple home health solutions, Dr. Drew discusses it all with leading experts. Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew topics are timely and compelling, including brain health, emotional resilience, vitality and aging, super foods for cancer prevention, and the “magic pill” of exercise. The program also informs us about the role each of us play in creating a healthier life and world. Dr. Drew brings his insight and knowledge to each episode as he presents a truly global picture of health practices, both new and time-tested.

    Our field correspondents travel the globe to capture stories in their best environment while interacting with Dr. Drew in our Los Angeles Studio. Our guests include major celebrities and health experts, corporate leaders and everyday families at home. Together we’ll explore health practices and possibilities as well as the science that separates speculation, quackery, wishful thinking, and facts. As one of the world’s most recognized leading authorities on health and wellness, Dr. Drew takes the programs viewers on an adventurous journey through the world of health as we know it and the breakthroughs that lie just ahead.

Show topics we'll be addressing

  • The Mind Body Connection – Good Medicine

  • Boost Your Brain Health

  • Financial Health; Planning Your Financial Future

  • Longevity; Living Better Longer

  • Cancer Prevention, Awareness and Treatments

  • Who’s Got Time For Health?

  • Convenient, Healthy Meals At Home

  • Parenting For Good Health

  • Addiction; Let’s Kick The Habit!

  • Glaucoma Treatments and Prevention

  • Human Sex Trafficking: Leading the Fight

  • Keeping Track of Your Health

  • Higher Education

  • Healthcare Made Simple

  • Destination Health

  • Transforming Your Life Through Nutrition